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Eating in Asian style? Check out our different chopsticks!

Have you just prepared a delicious dish on your very own Konro Grill? Then how cool is it to eat it completely in Asian style! Of course you don't eat dishes from the Konro Grill with a knife and fork. No, with real chopsticks! We have 15 different chopsticks, so there are always a few that suit you. Enjoy your meal!

As many as 15 different Konro Grill chopsticks

With these chopsticks you will eat your dishes from now on completely in Asian style, but of course everyone has a different taste. That is why we offer a wide range of chopsticks. Do you like chic dining? Then choose the rose gold variant. Or do you prefer cool black chopsticks? Would you like to have a colorful pattern on them or would you prefer them without a pattern? Do you like to eat with wooden chopsticks or do you prefer stainless steel ones? Look which sticks you like best, light your Konro Grill, prepare the most delicious dishes and you can start eating in Asian style. All our chopsticks come in sets of 5 pairs of sticks.

Getting started on your Konro

Of course, before you can start eating your delicious Konro Grill dishes with your own chopsticks, you have to use the Grill the right way. Of course, you want your dishes to be perfect, an important part of that is using the right charcoal. The only charcoal that is really suitable for the Konro Grill is Binchotan charcoal. This originally Japanese charcoal is incredibly hard and has an extremely high carbon percentage. This exclusive product is produced very little and exported even less. This causes the price of this charcoal to be high. Therefore, in addition to the original Binchotan charcoal, we also offer a cheaper alternative. The white Binchotan from Indonesia. This has practically the same properties as the Japanese variant but is a lot more reasonable in terms of price.

Complete your dish

You have your own Konro Grill filled with Binchotan charcoal, you have delicious pieces of meat, fish and vegetables to prepare and your own chopsticks are ready to eat it all. But there is still something missing to finish off your dish, and of course you can do that with a delicious Japanese sauce or rub! At you will find the tastiest Japanese condiments with which you can marinate your ingredients before grilling, lacquer them while grilling or dip them after grilling. Special soy sauces, umami rubs, hot sauces or the classic yakiniku sauce, you will find it all here! With these different seasonings, you will bring your Konro Grill dishes to an Asian peak! That's going to be tasty, with your own chopsticks!

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