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Binchotan BBQ

Would you like to prepare different types of fish, meat and vegetables on your own grill like a real Japanese? Then the Binchotan BBQ is for you! This BBQ is also called Konro grill, Yakitori grill or Shichirin grill. But because the Konro grill uses binchotan charcoal, this grill is also called binchotan BBQ. Throughout Japan, this grill is used on every street corner and in every restaurant mainly to prepare yakitori. But this grill can do much more than that! It is the perfect grill to just put on the table and spend an evening together grilling and preparing all kinds of delicious dishes.

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This is what you can do with the Konro Grill


Grill chicken yakitori style and sear tender, thin slices of Wagyu!

Fish & Crustaceans

Grill shellfish or fish directly. Delicious! Taste the pure flavors!

Fruit & Vegetables

Grill vegetables or even fruit. Lacquer it and be amazed at the taste!

Konro grill

What is a Binchotan BBQ?

The original Konro grill comes from Japan. For years people in China have been trying to imitate this grill, however, they never match the quality of the original. But where can you tell? The original Japanese Binchotan BBQ is made entirely by hand from diatomaceous earth. This is a raw material from prehistoric earth layers. The clay made from it can withstand more than 1,000 degrees.

Because you use binchotan charcoal in the Konro grill you achieve high temperatures, but the outside gets lukewarm at most. This makes the Konro the perfect table grill. Because the grates are placed a few inches above the charcoal, the juices from the meat drip to the grill and evaporate at lightning speed. The vapor soaks into the meat and this produces a delicious smoky flavor. In addition, in the Konro grill you use binchotan charcoal, the most special charcoal in the world.

In a Konro Grill you use Binchotan charcoal

When you start working with the Konro Grill, you will need Binchotan charcoal. This particular type of charcoal is made from the Japanese Ubame oak. Binchotan is only produced in southwestern Japan and is made by local people. The moisture is pulled out of the wood very slowly. This causes this charcoal to become incredibly sturdy and burn much longer than any other charcoal. The Japanese Binchotan charcoal is very unique and therefore also very expensive. We are therefore pleased to offer an affordable alternative: the white BestCharcoal Binchotan. This charcoal comes from Indonesia and has almost the same properties as the Japanese Binchotan charcoal.

Your own Konro grill

Do you want to get started from now on and prepare the most delicious dishes on your own Konro grill? Then order this Binchotan BBQ now! With us you are always assured the real original grill from Japan, and no Chinese imitation.

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