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Binchotan charcoal

In a konro you use binchotan charcoal

The only suitable charcoal for your Konro Grill, shichirin grill or yakitori BBQ is binchotan charcoal. The origin of the original Binchotan charcoal is Japan. Unfortunately, this Japanese charcoal is little produced and exported. This makes Japanese binchotan the most expensive type of charcoal in the world. Therefore, we have a choice of 3 types: genuine Japanese binchotan, Thai Pok Pok charcoal and binchotan from BestCharcoal from Indonesia.

Binchotan charcoal

Binchotan Charcoal officially comes only from Japan. For hundreds of years, only a handful of "binchotan burners" have been making a type of charcoal with an extremely high carbon percentage. The process is 100% traditional. One uses clay kilns and the entire process, from branch/stem to charcoal, takes at least 14 days. The wood from the Ubame oak is in the charcoal oven for about 10 days!

Unfortunately, little of this Japanese charcoal is produced and even less is exported. As a result, real Japanese binchotan charcoal is very scarce and pricey. Nevertheless, we have "the real deal" (sometimes) in store with boxes of 12 kg and bags of 600 grams. Genuine Japanese IKKYU binchotan! To keep it affordable for everyone, we also have two good alternatives: from Indonesia the BestCharcoal white binchotan and Thaan charcoal Pok Pok.

Why use Japanese charcoal?

Good question! We hear this one more often. In a konro grill, you work directly over the glow. Hot glow that is! What's so nice about this type of charcoal? It doesn't smoke, doesn't splatter and burns at a very nice constant temperature. It is rock hard which is why it burns very efficiently and long. A few sticks burn easily for 3 to 5 hours. In short, a few charcoals also produce unprecedented heat. Really nice if you want to "sear". Experience'll be amazed. Binchotan is truly a special BBQ product.

You can do this with the konro grill

Poultry & Meat

Grill chicken yakitori style and sear tender, thin slices of Wagyu!

Fish & Crustaceans

Grill shellfish or fish directly. Delicious! Taste the pure flavors!

Fruit & Vegetables

Grill vegetables or even fruit. Lacquer it and be amazed at the taste!

Can I reuse binchotan charcoal?

Yes! It is very common, with such an exclusive type of charcoal, after grilling with the konro, to extinguish the red-hot Japanese charcoal in a steel bucket filled with water. To do this, use the coal tongs and keep a little distance because it will steam quite a bit. When it is extinguished let it dry and then just use it again supplemented with some new coals.

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