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Buy Konro grill

Buy Konro Grill? Order the original Japanese one!

Would you like to grill meat, fish and vegetables like a real Japanese? Then we really recommend the Konro grill! If you have ever been to Japan then you will have probably seen them. In fact, almost every street or restaurant has a Konro Grill. It is always guarded by an experienced griller who skillfully flips yakitori skewers. But these grills are not only used in Japan. In the West, too, this grill is making its rise. So now you too can buy a real Konro grill!

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This is what you can do with the Konro Grill


Grill chicken yakitori style and sear tender, thin slices of Wagyu!

Fish & Crustaceans

Grill shellfish or fish directly. Delicious! Taste the pure flavors!

Fruit & Vegetables

Grill vegetables or even fruit. Lacquer it and be amazed at the taste!

Konro grill

The uniqueness of the Konro grill

The Konro Grill was developed in Japan in the 18th century. The grates of the grill initially served as a heating appliance. Until the Japanneer discovered that this grill was also ideal for preparing Yakitori and other foods. The Konro Japanese grill is made from diatomaceous earth. This material has the natural ability to disperse heat and retain it extremely well. Because the food you place on the grill is only a few inches above the charcoal, the juice drips to the grill and evaporates at lightning speed. This vapor soaks into the food and this gives a fantastic smoke flavor to the meat. Delicious!

Binchotan charcoal

To use the Konro grill at its best, you absolutely need Binchotan charcoal. Binchotan is traditional Japanese charcoal made from a Japanese oak tree; the Ubame oak. This charcoal is only produced in southwestern Japan. Here it is handmade by locals in large clay kilns and then the moisture is very slowly drawn out of the wood. This makes the charcoal incredibly firm and strong and it burns much longer than any other type of charcoal. Because the charcoal burns so long and retains heat well, it is wise to use it only for the Konro grill and in small quantities. This is because it is quite an expensive product. We therefore offer an affordable alternative, namely the white BestCharcoal Binchotan. This is a charcoal from Indonesia and it has almost the same properties as the Japanese variety.

Time for your own Konro grill?

Would you like to get started from now on and prepare the most delicious Japanese dishes on your own grill? Then order the Konro Grill now. With us you can only buy the genuine original Konro Grill. There are a lot of counterfeit versions on the market that look similar from the outside, but never have the characteristics of this Japanese craftsmanship.

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