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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question about Konro Grill? Then read the frequently asked questions here. Is the answer not there? Then please contact us.

General questions

Where did the konro grill come from?

The original konro grill, also known as shichirin or yakitori BBQ, comes from Japan. We carry the original, handmade Japanese konro grill and cheaper variants from China. The Japanese models are always made of diatomaceous earth. The Chinese variants of reinforced clay.

What is the purpose of a konro grill?

The primary purpose of this type of grill is direct, over very hot glow, grilling. This results in rapid searing that preserves flavors and juices. The most important considerations when buying a konro grill are: frequency of use, location and user.

Are you a professional and use the konro grill daily? Then choose an original Japanese grill made of diatomaceous earth. Do you use the konro hobbyally or occasionally in gastronomy? Then choose our cheaper Bizen models from Japan or one of our Chinese konros.

In doubt? Contact us for advice. Then we'll help you choose the right grill.

What are other names of the konro grill?

The konro or konro grill has several names:

  • shichirin
  • hibachi or hibachi grill
  • yakitori grill

This refers to the same type of BBQ.

What is the difference between Japanese and Chinese konro grills?

Japanese grills are second to none. Handmade from diatomaceous earth and superior in quality. Choose this grill if you want to work with it professionally.

Want good and affordable alternative?

Then choose our Chinese konro grills. These are made of reinforced clay (ceramic) and are also of good quality. They are mainly suitable for home use or occasional use in the hospitality industry.

So the difference is in the ceramics!

Nevertheless, with both countries of origin, the price-quality ratio is balanced.

Lighting & Use

How do you light a konro grill?

There are several ways to light the konro. Binchotan charcoal is very hard, which makes it a little trickier to light.

  1. Use a BBQ starter with 2 fire starters underneath and 2 in between. Start this at least 1 to 2 hours before you start BBQing. Carefully pour the coals into the grill when you see glow and pieces turning white. Then wait some more time until the coals begin to show white glow;
  2. Place the charcoal in the konro and put fire starters between them. Light them and wait 60 minutes;
  3. Use a lighter or gas burner. Point it 2 cm above the coals until they glow. This can take up to 5 to 10 minutes;
  4. Quickest method: place the binchotan with other, hot coals in another BBQ for a while.

What type of charcoal do you use in a konro grill?

Officially, you only use binchotan charcoal from Japan. We also understand that it is extremely expensive, which is why we offer affordable alternatives from Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

We do not recommend using regular briquettes due to fillers and chemical residue in your konro.

If you are without binchotan then you can use regular, natural charcoal however it burns much shorter.

What makes the Japanese konro grill so special?

A traditional, Japanese Konro Grill consists of diatomaceous earth.

What is diatomaceous earth? Over millions of years, under the pressure of the sea, a clay formed from compressed algae, soil, sediments. A natural kind, extremely good heat insulating, stone. You find this diatomaceous earth exclusively in the Sea of Japan. The rock is porous and at the same time has a low density. This allows the material to develop spongy properties and has excellent insulating properties. It is heat-resistant, even at particularly high temperatures (up to 1000°C). The blocks of diatomaceous earth bricks are held together by mortar and fired. This makes the walls of the konro resistant to extreme temperatures of up to 1000°C.

According to centuries-old Japanese craftsmanship, konros are handmade and constantly checked for quality. Choosing a Japanese konro grill means choosing a high-quality product that guarantees lifelong enjoyment.

What is the power of the konro grill?

The secret behind the konro grill is the material (diatomaceous earth), the unique design that allows for very even grilling and a hotter glow using the right binchotan charcoal. You will be amazed at the impact this has on your preparations.

Besides functionality and operation, another strength of the konro grill is: the social aspect. Prepare vegetables, fish, shellfish, chicken and meat and then grill, dine, share and enjoy together. Priceless!

Become a point of sale?

I have a BBQ shop, can I become a dealer?

Yes, that is possible, Please contact us using this form.

I have a catering wholesale business, can I become a dealer?

No, this is not possible by default. Please contact us via this page.

Shipping & Returns

What does shipping cost?

Check out our shipping costs here.

How do you pack?

Our grills are delicate and therefore packed with the utmost care.

Packaging costs are at our expense. To preserve the environment, we also often use recycled and used packaging. We try to pack and protect ordered items as best we can with foil, cardboard and other protective equipment.

If your order arrives (partially) broken, report it immediately! By mail or telephone. Immediately take pictures of the packaging and the broken items. Please email these images to us, this facilitates the process to resolve the problem quickly.

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